Building A Better Future For Afghanistan

Introduction to BKBMC

Bahar-e-Kabul Building Material and Construction Company Ltd. is a 100% Afghan owned company that combines international experience with local resources to rebuild Afghanistan. BKBMC specializes in planning, project management, and construction services for infrastructure development across Afghanistan. Our Staff has extensive successful project and construction management experience on USAID, USACE, AFCEE, NATO, UNOPS and commercial projects...More

BKBMC Projects

we had alot of projects but due to the numbers of projects we just mentioned Projects that have been accompolished since 2007 up to now....More

BKBMC Services

BKBMC's combination of global resources and proven engineering capabilities are what deliver world-class facilities to our clients' while meeting their demanding business needs. Our streamlined engineering process - from concept to completion - produces consistent results in some of the most difficult and challenging locations in Afghanistan by using robust, data centric and technologically advanced engineering methods...More

What's New

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